1:5 track scale 28 sept. – 06 oct. 2019VILA REAL - PORTUGAL


Organizer: AMVR – Associação Modelismo de Vila Real

Track: Mini-Circuit “Monte da Forca”

Rules: EFRA 2019

Time Keeping: AMBrc race timing system/RCM Software Personal Transponders are Mandatory

Frequencies: Allowed are 40/41 na 27 MHz range and to 2,4 GHz.

Address: AMVR – Associação Modelismo de Vila Real Complexo Desportivo do Monte da Forca – Parada de Cunhos 5000-471 VILA REAL – PORTUGAL

Official Web Site:


Portuguese Federation:

FEPRA (Federação Portuguesa de Rádio Modelismo Automóvel)

President: José Figueiredo

EFRA Representant: César Coelho

Official Web Site:


Address: Rua de Costa Cabral, 2554
4200-219 Porto


Organization Director: Filomeno Félix

Assistant Organization: Luís Cabral

Race director: Alfonso Pineda

Assistant director: Pedro Praça

Time keeper: Javier Llobregat

Assistant Time keeper: Luís Pimentel

Technical inspector: Paulo Rosa

Assistant Technical inspector: Filipe Pinheiro

IFMAR Referee: Masami Hirosaka

EFRA Referee: Carlos Gomez

FEPRA Referee: Fernando Dantas

Office Center Director: Ana Cabral

Assistant Secretariat:  Sara Areias

Vila Real is one city located in the north of Portugal, 100km far from Porto and 400km far from Lisbon.

The main roads to access to the city are IP4, A4 and A24. The local aerodrome met daily direct flights to Lisbon, capital of Portugal.

It is located one hour from Porto Airport, Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, by the A4 main-road with passage in the Marão Tunnel. And, just over one hour from Spain, east and north by the Galicia area.

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