1:5 track scale 28 sept. – 06 oct. 2019VILA REAL - PORTUGAL

AMVR will provide containers next to the circuit

Advanced reservations are required | Deadline: 06th Sept 2019

Containers Technical Characteristics


The structure of the modules is detachable, coupling and stackable.
It consists of the following elements:

– Bottom frame composed of crossbeams, in galvanized sheet with 21 cm in height, transverse reinforcements in tube 80X40X1,5 galvanized.

– Columns in galvanized sheet 3 mm.

– Cover made up of crossbeams in cold galvanized sheet of 2 mm thickness with internal gutter for water collection. Drop tubes for water discharge of 50 mm diameter PVC, installed in the corners of the module. Safety discharges installed in the tops of the module. Cross reinforcements in galvanized tube.

– Toda a estrutura está protegida com pintura anti-corrosão.


– Made of a 40 mm sandwich panel with a density of 40 kg m3 joined together with a male / female joint and attached to the module by guides at the top and bottom, fixed to the columns by a tensioning top.
Coefficient of thermal transmission 0.43 Kcal/m2/oC.


– Made of 19 mm phenolic panel and vinyl flooring.


– Trapezoidal cover plate in galvanized steel 0.6 mm thick, fixed with self drilling screws with watertight neoprene gasket.
False ceiling with removable blades in white lacquered galvanized sheet.


– Exterior doors in reinforced lacquered aluminum.


– Windows in lacquered aluminum or two-ply PVC with sliding system, with external grid in lacquered white aluminum strips.
Interior trim in gray lacquered aluminum.


– Installation with flexible hose type RV-K 0,61/KV, concealed in the false ceiling and interior columns.
– Electrical board consisting of:

  • General cutout switch
  • 30 mA differential switch for power circuits. All power circuits are connected to ground.
  • Magneto-thermal switches for each circuit.


– Air Conditioner Split 9000 Btus with control